Petectives Webcomic Chapter 18



Petectives: The Webcomic

Welcome to Yoshi and Gatsby’s first serialized adventure! The Petectives webcomic will be updated once a week. For more of Yoshi and Gatsby’s adventures please check out the ebooks (links to the right) or the paperbooks which are available at most online booksellers.

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Yoshi’s Book Reviews – Doctor Cat

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Greetings! Yoshi here with a new book review. Today I’ll be looking at Doctor Cat by Sarah Sobole:

dr cat

As a cat detective, I’m a big fan of cats in other professions so I was quite interested in a book about a cat physician. This is a graphic novel, a collection of the webcomics that can be found at The book is about a cat (named Doctor Cat) who maintains a medical practice and is somehow able to perform surgery without thumbs. His problems start when he accidentally leaves a mousey toy inside of a patients chest. The patient immediately calls in Lawyer Cat to make things right. The books features some great cartooning that people of all ages can enjoy while also having some sharp Doctor/Lawyer jokes for the adults.
I highly recommend Doctor Cat.

Book Reviews with Yoshi the Cat

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Hello people! Yoshi here with a review of a cat-related book.


This week we’re looking at Ginger the Gangster Cat by Frank Kusy. We decided to buy this Kindle e book based on nothing more than the picture of the tough cat on the cover and it was worth it. Ginger is an amoral orange cat with a thick cockney accent who scams his way into the home of a Brit couple and their adorable yet wimpy kitten, Sparky. From there the book launches into a series of episodes about Ginger and Sparky’s misadventures. The book was just about as funny as the cover. Urban cat tales were mixed with stories of exotic past lives until the two themes blended at the end. Ginger’s personality of a rough hewn cat with a deeply buried heart of gold played well against the naïve but intelligent Sparky. As a fellow feline, I can’t say that I endorse any of the tactics that Ginger employs to get what he wants but if you’re looking for an entertaining read I highly recommend this book.

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The latest book in the Petectives series:

Petectives: Under Fire – It’s the 4th of July and the Petectives are feeling the heat! In the midst of a sweltering heat wave, feline detectives Yoshi and Gatsby get word that an old enemy is back and running a protection racket in their neighborhood. When an attack lands Gatsby’s girlfriend in the veterinary hospital, he gets hot under the collar but it may take Yoshi’s cool logic to shut down a gang of animal criminals and clear a dog from a horrible accusation. The Petectives are back and there’s going to be fireworks!

Petectives Profiles#2: Gatsby


Real Life
• AKA: Philo; Catboy; Knucklehead Smith; Safety Cat
• Orange cat with light stripes. 12 pounds.
• Rescued pet; We got Gatsby at Pets Without Parents, a non-profit, no-kill, all-breed shelter for dogs and cats in Columbus, OH.
• Gatsby is usually skittish although he has been known to deliver a series of blows to dogs four times his size.
• Likes dry dog food as a snack
• He seems to howl at people doing things that he considers unsafe. This habit has earned him the nickname “Safety Cat”
• Supposedly an indoor cat but has made several attempts to escape to the outdoors.

• Narrator of the Petectives stories.
• 3 years old. Orange cat with light stripes. 12 pounds.

• Gatsby is very intelligent but has a reckless temperament and doesn’t always think through the consequences of his actions. He’s prone to making risky decisions based on emotion.
• Gatsby has a very good vocabulary as a result of living with Yoshi, his housemate and partner in crime detection.
• Outgoing and friendly. Loves to get out of the house. Actually enjoys the company of some dogs.
• Something of a “ladies cat” before he met his girlfriend Molasses.
• Gatsby has a high regard for Yoshi although he would never admit it.