Big in Germany?

I recently stumbled across a review of Petectives: Christmas Party on a German website called “Christmas Crime” (At least that’s what Google translate says the title is). Almost everything is in German but I’m pretty sure that its a positive review. According to Google translate, Yoshi is referred to as a “detective superhero” and Gatsby is called “the writing joke cooked for Yoshi who gets information.”. So I may not be getting a strictly accurate translation but I’m still sure that its positive. If anybody out there knows German, let me know what you think.

Check it out: Weihnachtskrimis

Introducing…Nero and Magic!

So after Yoshi passed away my wife and I decided that we wouldn’t get a new cat for a few weeks or even months. We needed time to recover. So in true Smith family style, three days later we went to the local animal shelter and adopted two kittens! After all, it was National Cat Day!

Here’s Nero:


and Magic:


Gatsby is now a proud big brother!

"Wait, what? What have you people done?!?"

“Wait, what? What have you people done?!?”