A Cat’s eye view of Xmas!

Yoshi and Gatsby give their take on the holiday season in a guest post at The Cozy Mystery Club website as part of the “12 Days of Cozies” festivities. Check it out: Petectives (thecozymysterybookclub.com)

Then go on twitter and explore all of the other awesomeness at #12DaysofCozies!

A huge thank you to Angela at the The Cozy Mystery Club!!!

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Cat Christmas Ornaments

Yoshi and Gatsby on the Christmas tree!

Yoshi and Gatsby on the Christmas tree!

A few years ago I bought these ornaments from the “Cats of Christmas” website (http://www.catsofchristmas.com/). I had accidentally busted an ornament of my wife’s late, cherished cat Monte and I was in trouble. I got a customized ornament that looked exactly like Monty and was much better than the one I’d broken. I was out of trouble. I also got a couple that looked like our current cats. The “Marmalade” ornament looks like Gatsby and the “Boo!” ornament is a perfect representation of Yoshi. They go on our tree every Christmas. I’m not sure what they’re made of but they look fantastic and they’ve held up great over the years. I don’t believe that they do customizations anymore but if you’re looking for out of the ordinary ornaments for your Christmas tree, check these out!