National Dog Day?

Its National Dog Day so here’s a pic of Yoshi and Gatsby’s best frenemy Sparky Jones:


He’s a nice guy but he needs to have an eye kept on him:

yg and s

Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Today for Black Cat Appreciation Day 2016 Yoshi would like you to all take a moment to appreciate him and all that he does.

yoshi gatsby couch


Also black cats are not bad luck but are incredibly cool!

Petectives: Stalking Horse

The new Petectives ebook is now available for pre-order!

petectives 4 cover

Check it out:


Petectives: Stalking Horse: The latest Yoshi & Gatsby novella. When cat detective Gatsby is called out to the Blue Moon horse farm to investigate a possible murder attempt on an ex-racehorse, he finds that the farm is a hotbed of new rivalries and old grudges. With no help from his housebound partner Yoshi, Gatsby finds himself out of his element and in the line of fire. For the first time in Petectives history, Gatsby’s on his own and can’t rely on Yoshi to unravel a deadly mystery. Or can he?