New Petectives short story coming!

A brand new Petectives short story will be released on 1/18/21!

Who is the Fourth Cat?!?!?
An early tale of the Petectives: A sarcastic kitten named Gatsby has just been adopted by a new family and has taken on a new job: assistant to Yoshi the cat detective. The two of them have been tasked with stopping a gang of cats terrorizing the neighborhood. When Yoshi sends Gatsby out to track down the leader of the gang, it looks like Gatsby’s in over his cute little cat head. Can he and Yoshi track down the elusive fourth cat or are Gatsby’s days numbered?

12 Days of Cozies

Have you been missing Yoshi and Gatsby? On December Fourth the guys will be sharing their views about Christmas for the “12 Days of Cozies” event at the Cozy Mystery Club website.

Come on over and see what the cats have to say about the Holiday season and while you’re at it, you can check out all of the other books and authors participating in 12 Days of Cozies. There are also daily giveaways, cozy challenges, nightly author chats (I’ll be participating on 12/4), and lots more! Check out #12DaysofCozies starting 12/1.

Yoshi the cat’s Super Bowl pick

Young Yoshi

In 2002 we were driving Yoshi back from the vet and he was having a tough time. He hated car rides, they made him extremely agitated and carsick. My girlfriend (now wife) was driving and I was in the backseat with Yoshi.

In an effort to make him feel better I tried to start a conversation, I asked him who he thought was going to win the Super Bowl that year, the Rams or the Patriots. He distinctly answered, “Rams!”

Actually it was more like, “Rrrrraaammmzzz!” and he had also been making a lot of other noises on that car ride like howling and hissing and vomiting (he hated car rides!) but we know what we heard.

A couple of days later he was proven wrong – the Patriots won. But the very fact that a cat made a Super Bowl pick is probably more significant than whether or not the pick was correct.

The Rams and the Patriots are playing again in the Super Bowl this year,  seventeen years later. Yoshi is longer around but I’m pretty sure he’s up in cat heaven tonight cheering on the Rams. (Unless he’s mad that they left St. Louis.)




Petectives: Christmas Party – Illustrated

A few illustrations for the story, Petectives: Christmas Party:

PCP Illustration Ch 3

Chapter Three



PCP Illustration Ch 5

Chapter Five



PCP Illustration Ch 2 rev

Chapter Two



PCP Illustration Ch 8

Chapter Eight



PCP Illustration Ch 1

Chapter One



PCP Illustration Ch 6

Chapter Six



PCP Illustration Ch 4

Chapter Four

If you’re intrigued by these amateurish scrawlings, there’s a link to the actual story on the right.

Awards Season


Gatsby awards

I’d like to thank all of the little people who made this possible…


2017-bookawardYoshi and Gatsby were recently honored by each being named runners up for the “Stephen Memorial Book Award”. The award is from the UK book club website “” and honors Stephen, their recently deceased cat.
The winner of the award was Tigger from the book, “Tigger: Memoirs of a Cosmopolitan Cat” by Suzanne Heywood. Two of the ten runner-up slots were taken by Yoshi and Gatsby. The judges gave each  of my cats their own position on the list because “this prevents the writer having to split an award between two cats and dealing with feline jealousy.”  I appreciate the thought but that shouldn’t be a problem since the real life Yoshi passed away almost exactly one year ago. (Although if Yoshi hadn’t received his own award I could definitely see him coming back from the grave to mess with Gatsby).

Here are the write ups the site gave for each cat:


Gatsby is the active part of the feline detective duo: Sam Spade to Yoshi’s Mycroft Holmes. Yoshi’s partner in claws, Gatsby is cool and sophisticated (at least, he thinks so). He spends more of his time doing the legwork and getting into scrapes but still knows how to handle himself in a fight or mystery, just not when the vet is involved…


A smart, eloquent, black cat who insists on his regularly scheduled nap times and is fastidiously fussy when dealing with other creatures. Yoshi is way smarter than any cat has a right to be, and he has no problems being smug about it. His partner Gatsby might find the mysteries, but Yoshi is the one who solves them, as long as it doesn’t mean exerting himself or disturbing his naps!

Anyone who would like to see the other runners up or learn more about the award can go to this website:

Thanks to all of the people at for the recognition!

Big in Germany?

I recently stumbled across a review of Petectives: Christmas Party on a German website called “Christmas Crime” (At least that’s what Google translate says the title is). Almost everything is in German but I’m pretty sure that its a positive review. According to Google translate, Yoshi is referred to as a “detective superhero” and Gatsby is called “the writing joke cooked for Yoshi who gets information.”. So I may not be getting a strictly accurate translation but I’m still sure that its positive. If anybody out there knows German, let me know what you think.

Check it out: Weihnachtskrimis