New Petectives short story coming!

A brand new Petectives short story will be released on 1/18/21!

Who is the Fourth Cat?!?!?
An early tale of the Petectives: A sarcastic kitten named Gatsby has just been adopted by a new family and has taken on a new job: assistant to Yoshi the cat detective. The two of them have been tasked with stopping a gang of cats terrorizing the neighborhood. When Yoshi sends Gatsby out to track down the leader of the gang, it looks like Gatsby’s in over his cute little cat head. Can he and Yoshi track down the elusive fourth cat or are Gatsby’s days numbered?


2 thoughts on “New Petectives short story coming!

  1. Wow…this is music to my ears. Not only a story but a glimpse into the beginnings of the detectives. Can’t wait until it is ready.

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