Yoshi the cat’s Super Bowl pick

Young Yoshi

In 2002 we were driving Yoshi back from the vet and he was having a tough time. He hated car rides, they made him extremely agitated and carsick. My girlfriend (now wife) was driving and I was in the backseat with Yoshi.

In an effort to make him feel better I tried to start a conversation, I asked him who he thought was going to win the Super Bowl that year, the Rams or the Patriots. He distinctly answered, “Rams!”

Actually it was more like, “Rrrrraaammmzzz!” and he had also been making a lot of other noises on that car ride like howling and hissing and vomiting (he hated car rides!) but we know what we heard.

A couple of days later he was proven wrong – the Patriots won. But the very fact that a cat made a Super Bowl pick is probably more significant than whether or not the pick was correct.

The Rams and the Patriots are playing again in the Super Bowl this year,  seventeen years later. Yoshi is longer around but I’m pretty sure he’s up in cat heaven tonight cheering on the Rams. (Unless he’s mad that they left St. Louis.)