Petectives Playlist

A list of songs that I listened to while writing the novella Petectives. Some of the songs have a thematic link to the story, while others helped me set a scene or get into the heads of the characters. There are a range of genres represented but the overall theme is sort of jazzy sophistipop.

Sister Moon – Herbie Hancock featuring Sting: Jazzed up version of the Sting song. I have never had any idea what the lyrics mean but I have imagined that they are from a cat’s viewpoint.

Moondance – Van Morrison: The perfect song for the beginning of the story where cat detective Gatsby meets his lovely client on an October night under a full moon.

Black Cat – Janet Jackson: Gatsby’s annoyed that there are no songs titled “Orange Cat”.

Everybody Wants to Be a Cat – Jennifer Ryan: Slow, jazzy version of the theme song from the Disney classic “The Aristocats”.

Watching the Detectives – Elvis Costello: The big band version from the album “My Flame Burns Blue”. You can’t get any more detectivey than this.

Who’s Johnny? – El DeBarge

Somewhere in the World – Swing Out Sister

Peter Gunn – Art of Noise: No detective story should be written or read without this tune playing in the background at some point.

La Luna – Matt Bianco: Yet another jazzy moon song.

After All – Al Jarreau: A love song for Gatsby and Molasses.

Pink Panther Theme – Bobby McFerrin: Another cool detective song. This one with a cat connection in the title.

Heaven Only Knows – Swing Out Sister

Warehouse – Dave Matthews Band: I pictured this playing when Gatsby and Molasses are exploring the old abandoned house that turns out to be far more dangerous than they suspected.

What Is Hip? – Tower Of Power

Don’t You Worry ‘bout a Thing – Stevie Wonder

The Big Eye – Rusty Zinn: Rockin’ blues tunes with extremely paranoid lyrics.

Someone To Watch Over Me – Ella Fitzgerald

King Of Pain – Inner Circle


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