International Gatsby Day!!

Today is Gatsby’s birthday.  He’s  12 years old! He doesn’t look a day over eight. (I don’t think that he’s had any work done but who knows?). Here’s pic of him today and a pic of him from when he was  a couple of months old.


Big in Germany?

I recently stumbled across a review of Petectives: Christmas Party on a German website called “Christmas Crime” (At least that’s what Google translate says the title is). Almost everything is in German but I’m pretty sure that its a positive review. According to Google translate, Yoshi is referred to as a “detective superhero” and Gatsby is called “the writing joke cooked for Yoshi who gets information.”. So I may not be getting a strictly accurate translation but I’m still sure that its positive. If anybody out there knows German, let me know what you think.

Check it out: Weihnachtskrimis