Watty Awards 2016

I'm not sure what this is for but I probably deserve it!

I’m not sure what this is for but I probably deserve it!

Over on Wattpad, Petectives: The Webcomic has won a Watty Award for Visual Storytelling! For anyone not familiar with Wattpad, its an online international storytelling community where writers of every imaginable genre can share their work. If you’re a reader, Wattpad is the place to be.  I’m dedicating the award to the memory of the real-life Yoshi.


7 thoughts on “Watty Awards 2016

  1. Wow. What an accomplishment! I am familiar with Wattpad and the competition had to be serious. That was no easy win. Congratulations! As you know, we love your work, and in
    memory of Yoshi we donated a copy of Petectives to a program that help promotes reading.

      • Ohhhh for some many reasons. I can’t even list them anymore. Let’s just say, if people want to see poorly written stories getting popular, go to Wattpad. Or, if they love 1D fanfiction, go to Wattpad. That’s all. Oh, and you lose first publishing rights by posting there.

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