Petectives Webcomic Part 11

petectives webcomic part 11


One thought on “Petectives Webcomic Part 11

  1. This is so funny and adorable and I can certainly relate to creating stories around animal characters, inevitably personifying them to a great extent. I have a black and white stuffed animal kitty-cat and a yellow and orange stuffed animal duck. The cat is Boots Kitty and the duck is simply “Mr. Ducky.” Well, Boots Kitty and Mr. Ducky were old school chums and Mr. Ducky was always looking after Boots Kitty to make sure that she didn’t get into trouble or hang out with the wrong crowd at school. Boots Kitty didn’t like this and she would get her dander up, scratching with claws like nails on a chalkboard. She was getting into trouble and risking her reputation by hanging around with Tom-Cat, the most popular “boy” at school. Mr. Ducky would quack and his feathers would get ruffled over his disapproval and concern for Boots Kitty. Her grades or marks were suffering and she might never make it to Feline University. Tom-Cat belonged to a rough street fighting gang called The Bobcats and their leader was ferocious! 😉 Mr. Ducky had to save her from ruin. What ever happened to the sweet, purring Boots Kitty that he had always known? She had always done her homework and kept the litter box clean. Now she threatened to pluck his yellow feathers and stuff them down his orange bill. ~Jacqueline Martin

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