My dog ate my Girl Scout cookies!

As you may know Yoshi and Gatsby are my cats and they star in the “Petectives” mysteries as cat detectives. In real life they live with a dog named Sparky Jones:

Introducing...Sparky Jones!

Introducing…Sparky Jones!

The other day I came home to find the tattered remnants of what had been full Girl Scout cookie boxes on the living room floor. Apparently putting them in a cardboard box on top of a counter wasn’t enough to keep them away from Sparky:
IMG_0038 (2)

So he got a sign to wear:
IMG_0042 (2)

Later I asked him if he felt bad about what had happened. His answer:

wink, wink!

wink, wink!

Sparky was able to smooth everything over by making sure that I saw him reading one of my books:

When am I going to be in these books?

When am I going to be in these books?

Note: They say that chocolate is poisonous to dogs but whatever they use in Girl Scout cookies didn’t seem to harm Sparky whatsoever.


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