Petectives Profiles #3 Duke

A closer look at the characters in the Petectives stories
Duke is an entirely fictional character
• Duke is the leader of the Dog Patrol, an informal canine police force dedicated to keeping order in the neighborhood.
• 7 years old. Black and tan German Shepherd. 85 pounds. Disciplined, intelligent, honorable and somewhat cynical.
• Duke served as a police dog until he was injured in the line of duty
• Avid TV watcher – Duke’s favorite show is ‘The Littlest Hobo’, a show about a hyperintelligent German Shepherd who travels from town to town helping people and catching criminals.
• Duke has a gruff demeanor but he’s mostly friendly with Gatsby. Duke is not so friendly with Yoshi – he finds him to be arrogant and pretentious. Duke and Yoshi do have a history of working together before Gatsby was born and they both have a deeply hidden mutual respect for one another.
• Personal feelings aside, Duke respects Yoshi’s intelligence and Gatsby’s investigatory skills and would love for them to join the Dog Patrol but all three of them realize that cats wouldn’t be likely to follow his orders. He grudgingly agrees to work with them when necessary.


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